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";s:4:"text";s:2557:"A Kind Gesture chibistarlyte. ... Sherlock? While still nude except for Sherlocks army greatcoat (all fanfiction is now ... Oh shut up Mrs Hudson! John rolled up his dress shirt as much as he could, ... Sherlock screamed before throwing back his head in laughter. I'll study more, I'll get my grades up." Obvious Fact (Sherlock fanfiction) ... throwing his hands up into the ... Sherlock was up to something. A Sense Of Wrong John had buried his flatmate three hours ago; it was still hard to believe. By: ... Sherlock tries to explain to John what 'how would you know ... it was to never ignore anyone who claimed they were about to throw up. Don't make me come up there. Lecture (Sherlock x Reader) ... you yelled back, throwing up your... s. What's a schedule? He can hear John throwing up again. It might even be the same one that had picked John up off of Gower ... Good-bye, John. Hurt Comfort (A Sherlock Fanfiction) ... attempting to throw in a small ... he plodded into the kitchen where Mrs Hudson wax cleaning up, and gave her a hug. Masterlist; ... John interrupted. "Oh John!" Read Stomach Flu from the story Sherlock Sick Fics by ... Fanfiction. Suprisingly okay patient Fanfiction. ... for a friend who said she wanted a fic where all John and Sherlock do is cuddle with ... John ends up giving up Follow/Fav It's All Fine. He continues describing scenes from erotic Sherlock fic, something on which he must be an expert. Sherlock gets sick and is surprisingly a good ... To throw up." John, ... John ripped off his uniform, throwing it on the ground. FIVE TIMES JOHN AND SHERLOCK CUDDLED. Sherlock, Season 1, episode 3 transcript: The Great Game, part 1 ... the scanner as it continues throwing up NO MATCH ... up at John.) BBC Sherlock: Failed Experiment. Chapter 3 A Bit not Good ... BBC Sherlock Analysis/Essays and Fanfiction. "No I don't." I cant be in the same room as you! "Fine ... John rubbed his back. ... John always did that after throwing up. Sherlock had been so exciting, energetic, so-so full of life. Just a bunch of Sherlock sick fics. Documents Similar To I Prefer to Text (Sherlock fanfiction) Summary: Five times John looked after Sherlock when he was throwing up, ... John brings Sherlock a glass of water. When John comes out, ... All my fanfiction; Tags!!!!! ... a teenager," John sighed, throwing his hands up. ... "I'm dealing with a teenager," John sighed, throwing his hands up. Just a bunch of Sherlock sick fics. Read John mpreg from the story Johnlock Oneshots by ... Johnlock Oneshots Fanfiction. 100moods; ";s:7:"keyword";s:36:"sherlock fanfiction john throwing up";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}