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";s:4:"text";s:3251:"Making the p 100% opacity does not make it 100% opaque. I have created a div with background color black, and written a p inside it with white. Basic use: div { opacity: ... CSS opacity only to background color not the text on it? Is there a way to give a div background a degree of transparency (so body background images can peek through) and yet keep the normal opacity of text How do I make the cross-browser (including Internet Explorer 6) transparency for the background of a div while the text remains opaque? A large collection of antique iron beds which are restored, converted and refinished. HTML/CSS text background transparent but text not. I would like to change opacity of background image for my div on mouse over. Transparent Background Images. Can I assign the opacity property to the background property of a div only and not to the text on it? i want the p background to be transparent but not affect the span text. Setting opacity of background color ... changing the opacity or adding text shadows look great ... value being the opacity. However, if you get creative, there are this is what I have ... opacity will make both text and background transparent. What is the best way to give opacity to the background of a DIV without affecting the text contained within? I can make the background have opacity but I don't know how to stop th is it possible to make a whole div (which has an image as a bg) to look transparent against the background image of the body tag? With CSS and CSS3 you can do a lot of things, but setting an opacity on a CSS background is not one of them. A webmaster can make use of CSS image opacity property to create a transparent div. I would like to change opacity of background image for my div on ... how can I change opacity of backgrond image on my Div ... but not the text. What I'm after happening is for the background to have opacity but not the text. How to Set the Opacity of a DIV Background ... to ensure text is clearly legible when it ... in the DIV semi-transparent, not just the background. With CSS, making a transparent div is easy. I want to make it so the background color of the div is ... of opacity) and set that as your background image ... of the text div. Hi, Ive coded a page so that there is a coloured div with 30% opacity and then added another div inside it for text but the text also has the 30% opaci I know this technically isn't possible, but is there a way to go around css codes to make the background color transparent, but keep the text color the same? Opacity is a relatively new feature in CSS and is a great way to make your web pages stand out. Problems getting text opacity right. The following example sets the opacity for the background color and not the text: 100% opacity. The .fadeTo() method animates the opacity of the matched elements. Try this with different opacity value to see this. ... Opacity for background color, but not text? Inside the transparent
, we add some text inside a

element. div { background: rgba(200, 54 ... for whatever the application is (great for shadows, not great for text). Hassan, it sounds like youre asking how to have opacity on a box while having text show inside the box that does not have opacity on it. ";s:7:"keyword";s:35:"div background opacity but not text";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}